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@Nigeria under dictatorship #sackpresidentBuhari

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kidnapping people, detaining people and not charging them to court is corruption, declaring citizens guilty before proving their crime in any court of law is corruption. witch hunting of people because of their individual believes or opinion is corruption and disobeying court orders is criminality,

Muhammadu Buhari is a tyrant and a dictator, he needs to be stopped, this man has technically distorted democracy as we know it NAPOLEAN SAID..i quote..the world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.

Buhari is violent, under his command many unarmed peaceful protesters were shot dead in a cold blood and many innocent citizens properties were destroyed.
Buhari is wicked, under his command many innocent citizens are in detention without trial and someone like Nnamdi Kanu is being held extra judicially, then the question now should be, is there no brave persons or group of people whom can be called good? why the silence?

Buhari has killed the celebrated democracy Nigerians used to claim to have attained, Buhari is not fighting corruption, he is just abusing and intimidating anyone who disagrees with him, he spent many months before forming his Government but yet almost his ministers are the same people Nigerians knows as very corrupt with public funds

Buhari needs force to understand that he was called this time around to serve and not to rule, Buhari needs a repeat of what happened to his government of 1983/84…

the military is again the last hope to give Nigeria another life and a new start, since Buhari has intimidated the civilian court and populace, since Buhari has sidelined the judicially and has become the overall authority in the supposedly democracy should we kindly seek from the military if there are among them some good and brave soldiers. we need their intervention,

if there will be a coup in Nigeria today one is assured of one thing, there will be a big celebration, once they will free all the Buhari innocent prisoners and strengthen the judicially holistically to bring all corrupt persons to justice including criminal Buhari Nigerians will will give them time to arrange for a transitional process that will usher inn a real democracy once again as well as dialogue the issue of Biafra agitation, if Buhari stays longer, not only that Nigerians will suffer subjugation but will confront a total economic collapse. ‪#‎sackBuhari‬.

Nigerias President and his legacy. dictator as a leader.

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President Buhari has killed the case against Nnamdi Kanu and Dasuki (1)





Dictatorship / Democracy

suffice it to say that democracy is in place but dictatorship is in practice.
Nigerians should not be worried about the debris coming from the noise makers or about the sound of musical beat coming from the charlatans instead Nigerians should be very much concerned about the ones keeping quiet.
the hand used to measure others will be the same hand that will be used to measure everyone. anyone who cares for Buhari should inform him that he is a democratically elected president meaning that he was employed by Nigerians to serve them for a certain period of time, that he was mandated to do this job under a written down guide line called constitution.

the senators and reps, the legislators should know that they have been quiet in defending the said constitution, the legislators are very silent and quiet now even as their Job and worth is being totally treated with levity by Buhari.
what Buhari has done so far is called impunity of the highest order and the legislators are responsible and should be held to account,
Buhari is practicing dictatorship in a democracy and the democratic arm of Government is cooperating with this, it is very laughable because everyone will suffer from the template if it will be allowed to take hold.

if Buhari wants to fight corruption all he needed to do is to strengthen the judicially and retrain the security forces and not to disobey the set down rules that is supposed to keep him as the masses servant and now instead he has become the masses owner and dictator.

the senate and rep should call for emergency session now and not tomorrow to stop dictator Buhari and if possible remove and jail him for abusing his mandate which is to serve Nigerians and respect the constitution and not to disobey court orders and judgements, if they fail to do this now the precedence will ruin anything called democracy in that country called Nigeria.

no arm of Government has authority to disobey any court order and authority irrespective of what it might mean and represent.

Nnamdi Kanu is an example of what am saying, Buhari and his executive Government has refused to obey the court order several times but still going back to the same court wishing for vindication of disobeying court orders and the legislators are watching doing nothing to defend the constitution, if they let Buhari… hm tomorrow will be their turn even under another Nigerian leader, but for people of the east the contraption has expired Biafra is their destination and if it is because of Biafra that everyone is allowing the Jihadist Buhari to carry on everyone will suffer from it.

Buhari as a Fulani Jihasdist felt insulted that Nnamdi called him a pedophile, is he not? if he is not let him express his truth to Nigerians, oh he felt his ego busted and therefore Nnamdi Kanu must be dealt with and Dasuki should be dealt with for arresting him during their military dictatorship, Buhari is a moron and deserved to be stopped now or the consequence of his actions will destroy everyone,

as for Biafra, we are grateful for Buharis effrontery to challenge or attempt to destroy what more than 50 million people wants and very ready to war for, Buhari the dictator and his praise singers should stick it up their ass and free all Biafran activist most importantly to release Prince Nnamdi Kanu, also to start negotiation in peace on how to divide Nigeria or ignore the warning and divide Nigeria in pieces.

Biafra or nothing.

Biafra needs help……freedom from Nigeria.

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this is the picture of the leader of indigenous  people of Biafra (IPOB) his name is Prince Nnamdi Kanu, he is equally a British citizen, he has been in detention for the past 3 months under the authority of Nigerias current government headed by Muhamed Buhari, the security operatives of Buhari has taken him to Nigeria court of law 4 times and the court out of bravely set him free yet Buhari who was a former military dictator has refused to set this innocent young man free.

British government has not done enough to pressure Nigerian government to free this freedom fighter simply because he is asking for the freedom of his people, the worst is that Biafrans came out on a peaceful protest in millions to show solidarity for this young mans detention but instead of Muhamed Buhari to listening to them  he sent his soldiers to shoot and kill unarmed peaceful protesters, it hurts Biafrans because this Buhari was among the Nigerian soldiers that killed Biafrans in millions during the Nigeria genocidal war against Biafrans  about 4 decades ago, this Buhari has committed war crime and is still killing innocent people till date.

Biafrans are asking all the human race to rise and ask this dictator called Muhamed Buhari to free Nnamdi Kanu and free all the Biafran political activist that was under his detention both a live and dead ones.

he is charging Nnamdi Kanu for treason when the truth is the opposite, the world should speak up now or when the war will start and very soon, the world can not contain the number of refuges that will come out of Nigeria, all people of good will should come to Biafras aid now.

they say, they said, Nigeria this..Nigeria that…is there a people as Nigerians?

they said it is a country that inhabits 3 major ethnic groups namely Hauwusa s in the north, Igbos in the east, Yorubas in the west and that the name is called Nigeria,
1) what is the true or real meaning of this name on quote..Nigeria?
nobody actually knows or can distinctively explain how come but everyone knows or has heard that it was a name given by the colonial masters, the human God that created the entity in the name of British authority, is even claimed that it is a suggested name from one of the demi God, lord lugards wife by the name frolar shaw and the British Gods accepted it.

2) does this ethnic groups agreed to come together to form one unified and undivided country and accepted to answer Nigeria as their name?
according to the available information none of the ethnic groups was consulted or any election conducted to ascertain if the citizens of these ethnic groups wanted a unified and indivisible country it was confirmed that it was just what the British wanted for their own economic interest, it was also documented that the lord lugard himself confessed that the contraption will never work because it is like mixing water and oil which can never mix.
3) when did this Gods called British created this country called Nigeria?
the recorded history said that the country called Nigeria was amalgamated in the year 1914 and was pegged by the creators to last 100years which means that it has expired in 2014,
4) but the record said that they got independent in 1960?
yes they got independent as mentioned but not as a people but as a created entity by the British, before British forced them together for their economic interest these ethnic groups has their individual identities which are Biafrans, Arewas and Oduduwas, these till date has never been asked if they wanted to become one people and remain together as a people known and called Nigerians,


Nnamdi Kanu asked this questions, he asked how come that himself and his people who are called and known as Biafrans that has a unique history that predates that of the Nigeria and Nigerias creator Britain was not asked or consulted before amalgamating them with other ethnic groups and why is it that when his people said no that they were killed in millions, why is that he cant openly answer a Biafran or bear his identity irrespective of where he is?
the Government of the day that represents the colonial masters interest kidnapped and imprisoned him and many of his people who came out armless on a peaceful protest asking for his release were killed in a cold blood by the Buhari led Governments security agents, they has killed many Biafrans simple because they asked these questions, this cabals that serve their own interest and the colonial masters interest has been ruling the contraption called Nigeria ever since the amalgamation. they equally has been using other ethnic groups to steal every God given natural and mineral resources found in Biafra land, the more the Biafrans asked those questions and demand for the separation of the contraption the more this other tribes and British plus their cabal kill them, the more Biafrans asked that the Blood sucking entity should be divided back to how it was before the British came the more they were imprisoned and killed.

Nnamdi Kanu has been in prison for more than 3months now and they said that they were charging him to court for treason. the honest people of the world are asking?
1) how can you charge someone of committing a treason against a country that does not exist in actual sense of it?, how can you force someone to keep answering a name that has no meaning or related to him.
2) even if you insist on the amalgamation, how then will you keep on with one contraption even when the stipulated expired time period has come come and gone.

Biafrans are calling the international community and all people of good will to come and reason with them, Biafrans are saying that all Biafrans political activist held in Nigeria custody must be released and compensated and that most importantly that Nnamdi Kanu should be released as ordered by the court with immediate effect.
or else, Nigeria will not only become nobodies name but all the actors and their family members will not find a hiding place,
Biafra or nothing.

Biafrans In Finland

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#Free Nnamdi Kanu  #free BiafraFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

love #BIafra.

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Nigeria let Biafrans go.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Nigeria military shooting unarmed Biafra peaceful protesters.

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the world must not keep quiet or look away from this act of war crime.

Buhari is committing a war crime/genocide, he refused to release the Director of Radio Biafra  MR NNamdi Kanu who committed no  crime, Muhammed Buhari kidnapped him just because he is outspoken, Nnamdi is only calling Biafrans  to organize themselves for home coming because Nigeria is not our country, we were forced to answer Nigerians after killing us up to the  tune of 3.5million people  between 1966 and 1970, British helped them with weapons and other logistics, after the genocide, Britain made sure that every effort by the Biafrans to inform the outside  world was seriously frustrated, here is a video of what the Fulani cattle herder by the name Muhammed Buhari the Nigeria president ordered his security men to carry out,…this youths in this video was singing and begging that their innocent brother Mr Nnamdi Kanu be released by Buhari only to be gunned down, many of them was killed,

the international media has been slow to report this atrocities and Government of the world has also kept quiet. today 11.11.2015  is the 6th day of the Biafran one million man march asking Buhari to release Mr kanu, today  is also the sixth day the security personals  were  still killing Biafrans under Buharis command.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

#FreeNnamdiKanu #RestoreBiafra

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Nnamdi Kanu is a Biafran, his crime against the Fulani president of Nigeria called Muhammed Buhari is that he speaks the truth, behold Nnamdi Kanu. #freeNnamdiKanu #freeBiafraFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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